Scary Headscarves

Freeyad Ibrahim

2011 / 6 / 6

Scary Headscarves

by Freeyad Ibrahim

In Islam religion is the wearing of the headscarves a ritual act. The women and girls must not appear in public bareheaded. This is illegal, haram according to the Islamic law.
Headscarves are scarves covering most or all of the top of a woman s hair and head. The women must also cover their arms and legs.
In some extreme societies women must wear burqa this lets only her eyes to be seen. And this is rather scary!
I find covering heads and faces bad for women’s´ freedom.
Furthermore there is no obvious divine text about headscarves.
I think that hiding hair, head, face or any other parts of the body won´t prevent a woman or a girl to act against the law of god or Allah if she wanted to!!
Let everybody wear as she/ he likes.
And don´t be deceived by appearances!

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