Stoning Thuraya

Qusay Tariq

2013 / 3 / 1

Stoning Thuraya
((I have the right to dream)
Human Rights in the Middle East worrying not and find a culture of respect for human rights, and in the last decade, displays many of the serious violations of human rights on a large scale, especially those living in Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, and Bahrain, took steps in the way of human rights in the Middle East, the Arab League was suspended the membership of Libya, in Bahrain, raised repression by the government a wave of international concern, as well as internal opposition, day they end king was compelled to take the unprecedented step of appointing a committee to investigate the truth of what signed from the events, and concluded this to report 500 pages numerous cases of human rights violations, extolled Syria to accept observers from the Arab countries, and signed Moncef Marzouki Amnesty International s statement for change, pledging to respect the measures ten key human rights.
We go back in the story of human rights violations to the Romans, and the usually Romans were whipped convicts them before the judgment, and the process of skin are stripping bare the upper section of the person and his skin whip triple, and was often sentenced die during the process of the skin itself, and we find that Jesus was whipped , not only soldiers flogging, but worked his crown of thorns, in addition to the irony, as they took beat, and the crucifixion After that, steel is the most innovative in the cruelty, after lashing the convict turns into a mass of flesh glowing then prove on the cross with nails on the hands The two men and the leaves on this case until he dies, and maybe rotting body or the insects and birds to settle in the body, and similar stories to this cruelty is killing sword, and recall the story of marriage of King Herod of his brother s wife, and was Herod afraid of John the Baptist when he said to him that he may not be married monogamous his brother, it does not solve it, so, Herod imprisoned John was Herodias hateful to John the Baptist, so in Holiday birthday of King Herod called great s men for dinner and entered the daughter of Herodias (Salome) to dance interpreted Herod the king, and the king said her ask to what you want and I swear to this, I asked the head of John the Baptist on a platter, and the king sent a deadly and ordered that brings the head of John the Baptist, and brought his head to the girl, he carried the head of the prophet John the Baptist to in the basin, which is very similar to the story of al-Husayn.
The Prophet Muhammad was taking his share as well, taking every prime heathen tribes Arabia punishes Dan from his tribe to Islam, and fought for those who enter Islam torture and beatings, whippings and branding, so they arrived torture of the Prophet Muhammad himself and beat him and pelted stones at many times and put thorns on his way,
This violence crystallized to form them, trafficking in children, which is a form of human trafficking, and is defined as the recruitment, transportation or harboring or receipt of children in order to exploitation, for example, that prevented the child (Nujood), has canceled a court west secretariat to convene a child marriage Nujood Nasser of 8 years, and said Nujood after ruling dislocation, that what happened was the result of struggle Profile and cooperation with journalists and organizations, said Nujood that the conditions of her father living difficult where he has 13 children, caused in her marriage, according to testimony lawyer, the Yemeni judiciary cannot criminalize the incident for not and there is no law protects children under 15 from marrying!! , Which I think it s not only in Yemen, I think there are thousands of similar cases of early marriage, and has appeared in Saudi Arabia a month ago and a half of the day, a Saudi judge ruled that the marriage of the girl child (Dina Ali) at the age of eight years of a Saudi man over fifty, for $ Spat thousand dollars, and reports the World Health Organization that the best prediction of violence at the international level linked to the extent of ill-treatment of women in society, and we find there figures recorded in the violence against women in many countries, and that approximately 60% of Turkish women over the age of fifteen have experienced violence at the hands of men in their families and strange, that (70%) of these women who are beaten not accept divorce in order to preserve the future of the children.Saudi royal family intervened in the case of torture and murder of the Islamic preacher, Faihan Ghamdi, daughter Luma five years, so as to stop his release after agreeing to pay a friendly child s mother. In iraq 2007, Du a Khalil Aswad, a Yezidi girl, was stoned by her fellow tribesmen in northern Iraq ,Sara Jaffar Nimat, aged 11, in the town of Khanaqin, Iraqi Kurdistan, 2007. She had been hit by bricks and stones, and burnt, Kurdistan Aziz, aged 16, Iraqi Kurdistan, 2008. She had been stoned in an act of "Honour" - killing.
The Ghamdi may pay the equivalent of 31 thousand pounds sterling friendly killing his daughter according to Islamic law, if the Luma boy, for he had to pay double that amount, as required Saudi laws that are friendly woman half that of a man. Accused Ghamdi torturing his daughter Luma which suffered from various injuries including broken skull and back and a broken involvement and her left arm and the presence of bruises and burns on her body, while workers told social services that she was repeatedly raped and burning.
(Thuraya Mnoutchra 24 years) (Srem Ebadi 30 years), (Azar Bagheri 15 years), (Zahra Rezaie 30 years) (Azar Kerry 18 years) (Zainab Heydari 38 years (and hundreds of other women, it s women s names, this is not the names of the Scientific Assessment of girls graduate from Harvard University. It names Women accused of having a relationship love and this stoned to death, and one of them is invalidated this exhibition chandelier, which represented with numerous paintings, killed "rich" by stoning, not for nothing, but to satisfy the desire of her husband citizenship to be able to marry a girl other aged 7_8 years without bear the burden of the expense of his first wife, working her scheming "adultery" with the power of religion was used by affiliations face .... The world is aware that there are those who use religion to achieve the wishes and aspirations of humanity, and in the most horrendous, religion which was brought by the prophets, no longer exists, because what he was carrying from a noble gloss wiped out until it became a stranger in their own home.
I know through this theory many will blame me, but to humans, especially the artist holds the position of the direction of violence and corruption, does not mean that violence represents the artist, but the artist face of love and peace
This idea is an extension of the exhibition will be held at the U.S. embassy on 7 - March, consisting of 14 paintings, talking about the stoning of Soraya, Brait Iraqi state and the U.S. state, U.S. Ambassador HE: Robert Stephen Beecroft

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