Mohey Eldin Gharib

2013 / 5 / 23

The veiled woman is an insult to the man by all standards because, with her veil, she is wounding his humanity and questioning his ethics.

I cannot respect the veiled woman no matter what her social and religious justifications might be even if she is a wife, a mother, a daughter´-or-a sister. With her veil, the woman is continiously and repeatedly insulting men round-the-clock whenever she meets a man at her workplace, in the street, at the university, on the farm and in the factory.

The veiled woman demeans the man who might be a father, a husband, a brother´-or-a son, when she is accusing and questioning his intentions each time he is looking at her (asking whether he is lusting´-or-just normally looking), touching her unintentionally (he might be intending to sexually harass her)´-or-mingling with her (he might be bend on raping her).

This woman must be living a bitter struggle within herself and live a troubled life with dismay and worries. How will she be able to work, study´-or-produce while bearing such psychological burdens, assumptions and illusions after her consciousness is distorted? Subsequently, she has to believe that the veil is her protector after all that.

I cannot respect the veiled woman as she failed to break-free and filled her mind with those preposterous thoughts that all men are sick, perverts, obsessed with sex and think only of a woman as a sex object. Furthermore, she is casting herself as a lower being than men, worth only as half of him while being lacking intelligence and soul.

There is no doubt that women who were forced to wear the veil are victims of those who are mistreating due to their misunderstanding of their religion and who are taking advantage of the political Islamic movement. But this does not justify her historically negative position when she accepted to be a worthless captive between the past and the present.

Women, who represent half of the society and are responsible for rearing the children, are supposed to have minds and thoughts of their own as well as the freedom to give. Attributes that are necessary in order to qualify for her responsibilities toward her important social status. By her submission to men, she is complicating several crucial issues, thus causing animosities, dissensions and disruptions within the community without being aware of it, while she is being used to publicize political Islam and used again to establish the Islamic State decreeing the veil as obligatory in order to differentiate between her and other unveiled women believing this to be her ticket to enter paradise.

The Hijab is a form of social oppression and is only a symbol concealing a stunted thought which is not obligated by religion and originated among a Stone Age Bedouin culture that is totally alien to Egypt and was taking as a political and religious slogan since the eighties.

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