Dr.Phil is a Womanizer

Freeyad Ibrahim

2013 / 12 / 1

Dr.Phil is a Womanizer

By: Freeyad Ibrahim

The following are a few of Dr. Phil’s clients (Just think about it with me)

(I feel like he loves me. Soon after, he gets up, showers and heads off to work. He still kisses me goodbye so that s a plus...)

Dr. Phil:
No matter, do the same: shower then kiss him goodbye.
I have been married for twenty years and don t know why he doesn t care at all he s just been out to help her destroy me life sucks and it goes way back forty years and if a person can t think of one day in forty years that has been good´-or-the fact that they haven t thought of suicide 24/7 in that forty years I would say it s about time to take action and end this miserable life..)
Dr. Phil:
Dear Laurie , I feel pity for you, but I wonder why didn’t you leave him 18 years ago?!)
Hi, my name is Keri. I am almost 25 years old and have a wonderful son whos 4 1/2. One day on July 11th 2006, my world changed. I had an AVM in my cerebellum of my brain. Home alone, I drove 15 mins to my moms job and collasped at the front door of her job

Dr. Phil:
Dear Keri: Hi Keri, do you mean that the world has changed since you have collapsed at the front door of her job?
hile Billy was in the Hospital, Brian had made him a cross necklace, Billy wore it the whole time he was in the Hospital, for over a month. When he came home he told Brian to wear it for him, he wore that necklace every day, bathed with it on and everything. He started baseball and the ref told him he couldnt wear the necklace and it broke his heart having to take it off, he cried a lot. But the ref told us to get him a sport shirt with a high neck to wear under his basebal shirt and then they couldnt see it and he wouldnt have to take it off so we did. Finally last week he took it off and hung it up in his room. So we are adjusting to life without Billy. He will always be in our hearts and memories.
Hi Lesley, it was a good deed Brian wore the Necklace for Billy, but a mean deed to bathe with it. A great sacrifice at the side of Billy to wear even in bed. My question is: Is Billy still alive, has he not strangled himself? Anyway I admire your adjusting to life without the necklace. Because the whole globe circles around Billy’s necklace.

…Then one of my siblings that I raised winded up getting into a relationship w/my ex-husband that I have kids with and he never done anything for my child and tried to committ suicide multiple times when she was in her teenage yrs and it was one of the hardest things in the world to not be able to lay your head down,

Dr. Phil,
Dear Laurie, first of all a lady can commit suicide once in his life and not multiple times. Maybe you women are cats with seven souls. Happily you were divorced, good done-;- otherwise you would have been dead long ago. Congratulations!

when it comes to my mother I am convinced I will never have her love even though she knows her family member abused my sister and I cause she was never around to be a mother. …….however my younger siblings get it the ones I raised, so she really screwed me up for life. …..so I try to focus on my kids and grandkids, but she is trying so hard to interfere and turn one of them against me as well...I m so sorry this has happened to you. I actually thought no one else understood the hell that women puts me through day in and day out and she claims to be close to god..
dear Molly, first: you are exceptional in two ways: you complaint against a female not a male as your own sex usually do, secondly: you are jealous of your mummy for her being closer to God than to you.!
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Freeyad Ibrahim
The Netherlands
30- 11- 2013

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