When the law allows raping minors girls under constituton

Ghassan Alazzawi

2014 / 3 / 17

In this time when the world fighting the ignorance and underdevelopment and international organizations working to protects human rights specially women and children In an era of progress and development and construction , except Iraq which were the owner of a great civilization inventor the writing and building and law , in the time we seek to spread the justice around the world to keep the rights of all without discrimination according to religion´-or-ethnic´-or-color etc …
In Century of twenty one while the world develops to best by technology Sciences and easiness of contacting To bring the opinions then homogeneity of cultures for spread the culture of peace and freedom of expression also peaceful coexistence so this is the important at this last years specially after appear many extremist elements who Spreading extremist ideas and made killing their goal in the life and they don t care for next Generations who will grow up on the killing and shooting then lose our sons as a criminals .
Our leaders of Politicians , party leaders , decision-makers lost the iraqi people confidence because they crushed the souls of Iraqis and their dignity, finally after their Failure they returned to Iraqi woman and began fighting her simple right which she got it by her Continuous successes also her challenges against diseased minds and underdeveloped ideas , who rules us in iraq today some of strange persons they were in foreign countries and they gives the loyalt for these countries which became the prefered for them and they started Embarks laws in spite of it is unconstitutional , civil Personal Status law which issued at 1959 did not stay safe , some of the new Politicians who still needs more than educating in managing of the government have tried to manipulate it in 2003, but failed in that because iraqi people still Conscious and cultured so do not put their fates and decisions between hands of some of closed minds and they tried destroy our social bases and blackout the truth of Iraqi life which were fill with Creativity, culture and peaceful coexistence by their new cage called ( jafari law ) which makes the kids of females underage victim to forced marriage under control their parents in the time we are in democracy country Guarantees the right of an individual male and a female and recognizes gender equality , this law allow the parent give his daughter even she was under 9 years ( kid ) for Anyone as a husband and this law allow the father if was mentally unstable´-or-have a problem in his mind plays in his daughter fate without Punishment ,
This strange suggestion came while the Iraqi people busy with the bloody daily Scenes by bombing cars and suicide elements who bursting themselves in mosques and churches the places of worship and in schools if they wants to change .
The same faces promised us in past years that they put the civil law to protect the people who watched and lived under hammer of the wars and leaders adventures , today the Politicians leave the souls of innocent run out without reason except the special earnings for somebody who Addicted to corruption in front of these troubles Iraqi people choose the silence not because they are afraid nor ignorant but became bored than the same stories same heroes also , they likes a real solution to save iraq from real crisis ( Loss of confidence in government ) even it were came by election because the circumstances were Inappropriate, Iraqis forced to electing and they tried to save the home than continues problems but this try failed when the decision-makers put their interests up each thing even were citizen right .
In Pluralistic democratic country the home of different religions and sects such as Iraq have a constitution guarantees the rights for all , rapes the kids females under the legal decision can not be silence on it , Iraqi women wore the black and announced mourning on her right in cultural street ( Al-mutanabi ) center of baghdad, she is challenges the stony minds which want to return us to ancient ages and the terrorism in all kinds and the harder which steal the safeness and happiness than others , the truth cannot be hidden and the truth said iraqis one hand , one fate, whatever be their religions deferent , whatsoever their sects we born on this land to be Iraqis and grew up together did not care if this is Muslim´-or-Christian nor that Sunni´-or-Shiite , and I am as a man defends for woman my partner in this life ( in spite she do not needs this ) and was more successful than me and she deserves, but I am will stay the first claimer for her rights based on the principles of my humanity and we are in the time of freedom and equality, This is what God command with it and recommended by the religions and prophets , this law suggested by some of Shiite politicians but not represent the Shiite sect according to the respectful Clerics who refused this law in many statements , the Politicians must forget this law which prescribed rape and not respect the human rights and put one useful instead it , if we were love iraq truly must put hand to hand otherwise we will not stay handcuffed by our voices which reaching to the world and our open minds which were the bases of right laws throughout history .

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