Two Eulogies by al-Maghrebi al-Bahloul?

Haseeb Shehadeh
2014 / 7 / 1

Two Eulogies by al-Maghrebi al-Bahloul?

Haseeb Shehadeh
Helsinki University

Herewith I am publishing for the first time two eulogies, both attributed to al-Maghrebi al-Bahloul. This publication is based on fifteen primary sources: eight Samaritan manu-script-s, one Arabic manu-script- found at King Saud University library, and six texts available on the internet. These poems of tribute are written in a language that resembles dialectal Arabic rather than written Arabic. A Hebrew translation and a linguistic survey follow the discussion of the poems’ Arabic origins.
The first eulogy is entitled “This is a Maghrebi Asceticism”. Its words are sung to the same melody as the poem “There is no god but God…”, and it has one hundred and two verses. The second eulogy has no title-;- as found in Sam JRUL manu-script- no. XIV in Manchester, England, which is the basis for this edition, it has ninety-eight verses. Its verses are sung to the melody of the poem ‘Get up and Turn to God Before the End of Your Life’. The earlier layer of this manu-script-, which includes both eulogies, was copied by ˓-;-

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