Freeyad Ibrahim

2015 / 5 / 3


Poem by: Nazar Qabbani

Translation from Arabic by : Freeyad Ibrahim

Don’t get in embarrassment congested
It is just one word said hasted
I feel I am pregnant
And you in my face shouted

Like one stung “O , NO”
We shall shred the child in bits
And you abused me by fits
And you wanted to throw me away
Nothing surprises me
For I knew you to be always mean
And low

And you sent after the manservant to push me
Into the lonely gloomy way
You who planted disgrace in my guts
And broke my heart
to tell me : my master is not here
His master is thousand times here..
But he practiced cowardly,
When ensured, I am pregnant.

What? Do you spit on me?
And the vomit -bile in my throat kills me
And the nausea fingers are strangling me

And your doomed heir in my body
And the dishonor smashes me
And a black reality …fills me
And that is I am pregnant

Your liras, fifty in number, make me laugh aloud
For whom is the money for who??
To get me aborted?
To sew my shroud?

This is ,thus, what I am worth?
The price of my loyalty to you
you , the focus of foul
I came not for your rotten money
Thank you..
I let that fetus fall,
I don’t want for hem a filthy father..


Translated from Arabic by : ( Freeyad Ibrahim )

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