Prostitution is a new Slavery

Freeyad Ibrahim

2016 / 6 / 18

Prostitution Is European Slavery - Poem by Freeyad Ibrahim

Prostitution is a new form of Slavery

By Freeyad Ibrahim


The prostitution s story
is the of society s purchase
of a slave.

A squalid bargain!
Human soul for a hunk of bread!

Who says that slavery has vanished
from European society
is lying,
or kidding.
Slavery still exists.
It is now applied only to women.
Its name is prostitution.

That is to say:
It preys on grace,
and motherhood.
In becoming -dir-t she turns to stone.
The prostitute is a stagnant stone,
Touching her is to feel a chill.
She is the unmoving countenance of the dishonored.
She has lost everything
and has shed her last tears.


Freeyad Ibrahim

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