Clara Rashid
2018 / 3 / 7

TIRSDAG, 6 MARTS, 2018, 01:02


Something I have never talked about is my interest in the laws of human rights. It has always been something I was good at understanding, which I think is because of my work in an NGO Human Rights Organisation and my family s background. Since a young age both of my parents, have been very politically active when it involves civil human rights and in some time of their life also have been refugees. So since the international women s day is coming up on Thursday on March 8 I wanted to talk about the reason why many women around the world are still celebrating this day. Some may say, that women shouldn t celebrate, in my home country, Denmark, (as an example) because many believe that there is equality. That is definitely not the truth! There isn t is social, cultural, economic and political equality at all and the process to get there is still slow. There is no doubt that there a lot more of opportunities for women, in Denmark than many other countries worldwide. My point is, that we should never stop celebrating this upcoming day! Many women have fought tears and hard work through time and are truly the reason, why we now in our society have our autonomy and independence. Something that breaks my heart, is that there still are so many oppressed women due to governments´-or-other aspects of power. Therefore, this day is also to show that we are supporting every woman in the world, who either have been´-or-still is in pain and feeling violated because someone´-or-something took her rights away from her.

An ongoing battle for woman s rights could be the inhumane abortion law in El Salvador, South America, which prisons women for approximate 30-40 years. Because of the government s, very catholic ways, they don t believe in abortion, what so ever. A tragic case I had from my work, is about the 19-year-old girl Evelyn Cruz, who was raped. Unaware of her pregnancy, she went into labour but ended with a miscarriage. For that, she was sentenced 30 years in prison.

"El Salvador’s anti-abortion law is causing nothing but pain and suffering to countless women and girls and their families. It goes against human rights and it has no place in the country´-or-anywhere."

- Erika Guevara-Rosas, Americas -dir-ector at Amnesty International

This is not humanity. This is brutality. Therefore, we really need to show, that we together in an international alliance of women, are here at this moment and are willing to help! And that we are strong and powerful!

So, celebrate and be happy and cheerful, but don t forget that we still today are fighting a battle, which hopefully in a future perspective will bring every woman and girl to happiness!

Happy Women s International Day 2018!

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