Center For Women s Equality 


C.W.E is a center for studies, researches, live meetings (interviews), articles, news and statistics.

The center will deal with items, which tackle the issue of women's rights from all aspects; legal, political, cultural, and economic toward achieving full gender equality.

The center is a platform for all those who agree with its objectives.




·       C.W.E struggles to support and strengthen the women's movement .

          Struggling to defend civil, social, and human rights of women toward full gender equality.

·       It struggles to support women's movement to intervene actively in.

·       Developing the laws and resolution, which concern women's rights in the society.

·       The centre struggles against all forms of violence and sexual

          Discrimination against women.

·       The center seeks to reveal the real causes behind suppression

          Committed against women.

·      The centre will publicizes all statements, statistics and international charters and resolution in regard to women's rights and their situation. 


Advisory Committee

- Prof. Dr. K
adem. A. Habib [email protected]

    - Elsine Lena Espensen: Projeketmedarbejder i Kvinderrådt

   - Dr. Ikbal Al-Garbi    [email protected]


Administrative committee

     Malika Titan [email protected]

     Bayan saleh: [email protected]

Nermin Naser: [email protected]

Rezgar Akrawi :[email protected]

Nesrin Hanna : [email protected]


Coordinator : Bayan Salih