Center For Women s Equality 


C.W.E is a center for studies, researches, live meetings (interviews), articles, news and statistics.

The center will deal with items, which tackle the issue of women's rights from all aspects; legal, political, cultural, and economic toward achieving full gender equality.

The center is a platform for all those who agree with its objectives.




       C.W.E struggles to support and strengthen the women's movement .

          Struggling to defend civil, social, and human rights of women toward full gender equality.

       It struggles to support women's movement to intervene actively in.

       Developing the laws and resolution, which concern women's rights in the society.

       The centre struggles against all forms of violence and sexual

          Discrimination against women.

       The center seeks to reveal the real causes behind suppression

          Committed against women.

      The centre will publicizes all statements, statistics and international charters and resolution in regard to women's rights and their situation. 


Advisory Committee

- Prof. Dr. K
adem. A. Habib [email protected]

    - Elsine Lena Espensen: Projeketmedarbejder i Kvinderr�dt

   - Dr. Ikbal Al-Garbi    [email protected]


Administrative committee

     Malika Titan [email protected]

     Bayan saleh: [email protected]

Nermin Naser: [email protected]

Rezgar Akrawi :[email protected]

Nesrin Hanna : [email protected]


Coordinator : Bayan Salih